Top Libro posts this year

31 Dec

Arrow: when I started blogging!

I received an update from WordPress about my stats for the year this morning, and was inspired to have a look at the top posts on this blog in various categories.

I hope you found some of these useful or entertaining, or discover them anew today!

Top Five Word short cuts posts

1 What to do if your comment boxes go tiny in Word – written over a year ago and still going strong

2 How to put text in alphabetical order in Word – a relatively new post but gaining momentum

3 Customising Track Changes – the most popular of the series I did on Track Changes

4 What to do if my comment boxes are running right to left – ah, those comment balloons!

5 Working with Track Changes in a document – recent and helpful to clients and visitors

Top Five Troublesome Pairs

1 On route or en route – still going strong with more hits every week!

2 Yours or yours; your or you’re – people still get it wrong, though …

3 Comparative or comparable – hits every week!

4 Themself or themselves – always a tricky one

5 Asterisk or Asterix – I wrote this for a giggle although it was based on a real example

Top Five business-related posts

1 What is transcription?  – related to what I do rather than straight business but very popular

2 What is copy-typing? – I don’t do much of this, but people certainly search for it!

3 Proofreading as a career – I’m glad I wrote this as I do get asked and people obviously want to know!

4 Is it actually worth the stress? – inspired by a friend who has gone on to flourish!

Top Five small business chats

1 Dick Margulis – editing and book production. He put a link on his blog and talked about it …

2 Liz Light – a local person so local Tweeters picked this one up

3 Liz Broomfield – who, me? Blush!

4 Lindsay McLoughlin – we proofreaders know how to spread the word online, don’t we!

5 Tammy Ditmore – and the editors do, too!

Top Five posts overall

1 On route or en route – OK, sometimes I do slightly tire of this one. I should be grateful, I know.

2 What to do if your comment boxes go tiny in Word – made me realise my blog could be popular

3 What is transcription?  – you can’t assume people know what you do!

4 How to put text in alphabetical order in Word – did you realise you could do it automatically?

5 What is copy-typing? – see 3!

Bottom Five, unloved posts

1 What I did in July – to be fair, from last year. But I don’t bother with these now as they’re not popular

2 Happy Christmas 2010 – 1 view this year (25 all time) – the 2011 and 2012 posts have had 58 and 161 views respectively, showing how my audience has grown!

3 Be careful: literally – I did think this would get more views … people don’t like the more ranty posts, though

4 Test match … special – limited interest or just misguided?

5 Stationery or stationary – this does surprise me


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4 responses to “Top Libro posts this year

  1. Lindsay McLoughlin

    December 31, 2012 at 8:59 pm

    This is a great summary of the year. (From a personal point of view, I was chuffed to see that my small business chat came in at no. 4. How gratifying!)

    I thoroughly enjoy your posts, and have learned a lot from you since I discovered you several months ago. Thank you. I shall look forward to another year at the receiving end.

    Best wishes for 2013.


    • Liz at Libro

      January 1, 2013 at 3:54 pm

      Thank you so much for your kind comments! Best wishes for 2013 to you, too!



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