Small business chat updates – Andrew Donnelly and Nigel Grant

12 Oct

mugsToday we have updates from two more of my original interviewees from my small business chats –  Andrew Donnelly and Nigel Grant ! This is the second update for both of them – I’m enjoying watching all of these companies grow and change – are you? Both of these chaps are on course, doing what they expected to be doing a year ago, and Andrew’s case is particularly interesting to me, as his business is pretty well the same age as mine, and he seems to have reached a similar stage, having some big regular clients and a certain amount of stability.

Andrew Donnelly

I originally interviewed Andrew in August 2011 and then followed up in September 2012, and his comment about the year ahead then was this: “Last year has been a great success with some high profile apps, and I’m already in talks with a major global brand for some work in the future. I feel I have made a good name for myself in the world of app development, and would like to continue with progress.” Let’s see how that’s all going …

Are you where you thought you’d be when you looked forward a year ago?

Last year I mentioned that I was talking to a big global client about some work. Unfortunately, for a number of reasons that didn’t come off. However not having that work led to me accepting 2 very large contracts with other global brands that have led to a very consistent and rewarding year business-wise.

I have been lucky to be involved in 3 apps that have held a Top 3 spot in the App store, with over 900K downloads between them since the summer launch. So I would say I that I have done better than expected from last year.

What has changed and what has stayed the same?

Whereas in the last few years I have taken more freelance work, this last year has been more on a long-term contract basis. This has allowed me to work towards a more budget-focused model and allowed me to take a more long-term approach to planning. I now have a very clear strategy and idea of what works and doesn’t for my business and how to maximise it at this moment.

What have you learned? What do you wish you’d known a year ago?

I wish I’d known that things would be a bit easier this year. While I wouldn’t say I’ve taken my foot off the gas at all, I’m more confident in my offering and how I can work with businesses to produce apps and mobile strategies for them. One of the biggest changes in app development for me over the last year has been the use of iPads for internal business projects. I have worked on a number of products that haven’t been customer facing, but allowed businesses to streamline and mobilise processes, which in itself has been rewarding.

Any more hints and tips for people?

Getting better at what you do never stops.

And … where do you see yourself and your business in a(nother) year’s time?

I have work planned to take me up until 2014 at the moment, so my focus is on that, and I expect that to last into mid 2014. Working alongside a global brand on strategy and producing apps for them is an enjoyable experience so I hope it continues.

Andy adds: It was a stipulation of the current contract that I would take the site down and not take on other work for the duration of the contract. So the best way to contact me is via email or Twitter, I’m always still open to giving people advice or guidance to help them out.

And here are links to two apps by Andrew currently doing well in the iTunes store: Sky Super 6 Game and Sky Fantasy Football

Nigel Grant

And here we have an update from Nigel Grant of More Profit For You. Nigel was another August 2011 interviewee, and I last interviewed him on 2 September 2012 and when asked where he wanted to be in a year’s time, he replied, “With a portfolio of 5 clients and working full time“, Is that where he ended up? Well, almost … 

Are you where you thought you’d be when you looked forward a year ago?

Almost – not 5 clients but working almost full time

What has changed and what has stayed the same?

I have a new client with great opportunity to grow which is occupying a lot of my time. Other clients have been retained.

What have you learned? What do you wish you’d known a year ago?

I have learned about the new business. A year ago I wish I could have estimated the time consumption.

Any more hints and tips for people?

Seek expert advice early

And … where do you see yourself and your business in a(nother) year’s time?

This time next year I would like a couple more clients adding variety to my portfolio.

The More Profit For You website is at and you can email Nigel or call him on 020 8549 8790 / 07801 624865.

More Profit For You is still going strong, but Nigel’s not been able to update his interviews since this one. Best wishes for the future!

Short but sweet, that last one, but it’s nice to see two more of my interviewees growing and succeeding!

If you’ve enjoyed this interview, please see more small business chat, the index to all the interviewees, and information on how you can have your business featured. If you’re considering setting up a new business or have recently done so, why not take a look at my new book, Going It Alone At 40: How I Survived my First Year of Full-Time Self-Employment.


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