Small business chat: You can do it!

22 Feb

mugs I’m afraid I have to break it to my loyal readers that I don’t have a new interview or an update this morning! I’m waiting for some responses to update requests; it can take time to think things through and work out your responses, of course. And I haven’t been taking many new interviews recently, so as not to crowd things – I am opening the series back up for up to five new interviewees now, so if you can commit to answering my questions now and updating me in a year’s time, do get in touch.

Anyway, today I thought I’d look at the answers to one of my favourite questions in people’s first interview – because they are so inspiring. Here are the highlights in chronological order – I hope you enjoy reading them!

What would you go back and tell your newly entrepreneurial self?

To get out there and get myself seen and known rather than waiting for everything to be in place and for the conditions to be perfect – they rarely are.

It’s worth it!

Go for it!! I would definitely tell myself to trust in my own abilities.

What Julia Cameron reminds us in ‘The Artist’s Way’: leap and the net will appear. Also, importantly, ‘YOU CAN DO IT!!!’

Get off your backside, talk to people and find the work. The work won’t come and find you.

You CAN do it. You know you can. It’s all down to activity.

Get ready for some very enjoyable but incredibly long hours!

Don’t be afraid of the competition – you are going to be better.

Believe in yourself and your abilities. Be creative in getting people to know where to find you. And, always ask for referrals.

Be fearless in your commitment to meeting the need you have identified and flexible enough to incorporate new ones.

Trust your instincts and go with the flow – nine times out of ten you will do the right thing!

Face everything with an enquiring mind and lots of energy.

Go part-time – or more part-time, earlier! Enjoy the process and start a blog!

Have more confidence in yourself – take the plunge and go full-time earlier!

Be prepared to enjoy yourself – I never expected to feel so warmly towards the writers.

“I should have done this years ago!”  It’s the truth: I’m totally enjoying myself, doing something that I love with no one pulling you in different directions in terms of objectives, and essentially I don’t have to play the politics that are so often there in large organizations.

Keep going, it will all be worth it.

Most definitely to go for it!

Be confident, trust and believe in yourself, you are unique, and don’t believe everything cold callers say on the phone!

Relax. It will be fine.

To have faith in myself and to just be myself. Oh and to buy the new BMW you were looking at; it would be nearly paid for by now!

Remain unrestricted by what people tell you won’t work. There are always people who will shoot down any dream, or tell you that your idea won’t work. At the end of the day, none of us can see into the future, so nobody knows. The only way we can know if something will work is to go ahead and do it. Never let anyone tell you something won’t work: when they do, go and do it and find out for yourself.

That it would be OK! The business would get there in the end.

I would like to go back and tell myself not to lose faith; it’s never easy trying to make a living artistically, but when it does start to come together, it makes the hard times fade away, and it all becomes worthwhile.

Most importantly – believe in yourself and know what you are worth.

“You don’t have to go it alone,” and, “You know more than you think you do”.

Not to hesitate: some risks are worth taking.

That all the hard work is most definitely worth it.

That I was on the right track and I just had to keep going.

To always listen, never stop learning, keep the research up and be prepared to give it 100% ALL THE TIME.

Decide what the main focus of your business is and don’t let yourself get side-tracked.

I should have done it sooner.

Where have you been hiding all these years?

You can DO IT! have confidence and believe in your own abilities!!!

Not everything can be done at once: breathe

Take all of the advice given and choose which is best for your business, and take the time to develop rather than ploughing headfirst, but also spare 5 minutes to be proud.

You can do this! I definitely would’ve encouraged myself to take more risks, not to be scared to try and fail.

I am definitely learning that people value you more if you value yourself. Both creatively and financially.

It’s worth it.

Relax – it will be OK in the end!

It’s amazing how easy it is to forget everything you know when you have everything else to think about when running a business. It would’ve given me the push to be able to take it full time much earlier, rather than waiting for redundancy to push me into it.

Follow your dream

Be less critical and do not under-value yourself, and what you make.

Believe in yourself – especially when everyone is telling you that you’re good. Strangers don’t need to lie to you.

Sell yourself more, you’re actually quite good!

Don’t stress about problems, as they are inevitable in business. Focus on overcoming them and turning them to your advantage.

To just get on with it. I need to keep telling myself that now too. Have confidence in what you make and keep pushing.

Get more rest. Don’t worry so much. Fail faster. Be bolder.

Keep at it and keep going. Few things start out easy.

To believe in myself. Take the rough with the smooth. Give it time.

OK … these are all the positive ones. But who doesn’t need a bit of cheerleading now and then? Thanks to all of my interviewees so far, whether you’re quoted here or not, whether you continued taking part in the series or not. I’ve not put names and business names on purpose, so you can see the statements alone and without making any judgements about whether they match your ideas …

Go for it! You can do it!

Here’s more small business chat, the index to all the interviewees, and information on how you can have your business featured. If you’re considering setting up a new business or have recently done so, why not take a look at my book, Going It Alone At 40: How I Survived my First Year of Full-Time Self-Employment.

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  1. rocketwebnj

    February 24, 2014 at 9:20 pm

    Thanks for writing this inspiring article! Need to read it frequently



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