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Liz Dec 2013Hello there! I’m Liz Dexter (was Liz Broomfield until April 2014!). I hold an Honours Degree in English Language and Literature and am also a qualified Librarian. As well as being an experienced editor, transcriber and localiser, I’m also a writer, with a string of publications out now!

Let me help you to express your ideas, your knowledge, your creativity in the most effective way you can.

I set up Libro in August 2009, using my extensive experience in a number of industries (see below) as a basis for my business. I am a proofreaderandcopyeditor; I also offer transcription and localisation services. If you ask very nicely, I’ll even do copy typing from your handwritten notes!

If you send me your text, whether it’s an academic dissertation, marketing materials, letters, a web page, a book, or a blog, I will look at every word – personally* – and work on your spelling, grammar, word order and sentence structure to make it fit with the established rules** and reflect what you’re trying to express. I can also advise on the structure of your work, repeated words, issues with timelines, continuity, etc. – something that’s particularly useful with creative writing.

If you send me the proof copy of a book, in the form in which it is to be published, I’ll also check page headings, page numbers, indexes etc.

For academic work, I can make sure your references and bibliography are as they should be and make sure they match the journal or publisher you are submitting to.

Use Libro to check all those tiny details you might be too busy to check yourself. I am particularly experienced with clients who do not have English as their first language, and can point out issues with your English which will help you going forward in your career.

I offer transcription services, including working with tapes of non-native English speakers speaking English. Send me your .wma file or MP3 and I’ll type it all out for you!

If you have a website, marketing materials or other texts which are in American English and need localising for the UK market, I offer you my expertise in this work.

* There are quite a few services out there which will simply run your text through a spellchecker and grammar checker program. These are clever, but not that clever. I don’t outsource (if I am unable to schedule your work I will recommend another person to help you) and I look at every word myself.
** I use The Oxford Dictionary For Writers and Editors to check spellings, etc. and Hart’s Rules for grammar (in the UK – Chicago Manual of Style and/or AP Stylebook in the US) – this is the work recommended by the Society for Proofreaders and Editors. If you use a different or specific style sheet, just let me know and I’ll work to that.

About Liz

I had been undertaking proofreading and copyediting work for a number of years, including working on books, essays and an academic journal, and in August 2009 I was offered the opportunity to proofread a number of dissertations for students at the University where I worked. Moving on from there, I’ve developed the services I offer to include localising content for websites and marketing materials, and transcribing interview tapes for journalists and other people, and I also provide a typing service for clients who have notes that need to be put into order. References are available on this website, from various types of work and industry.

In January 2012 I took the Libro business full-time, giving up my part-time job in the University Library. A big step, and an exciting one! If you want to read more about this process and more personal posts about being self-employed, pop over to the Libro full time blog or read my e-book on the subject!

transriptionI’ve published several books about freelancing and careers (as well as one on beating high cholesterol) – have a look at my Publications page for more on those.

I’ve found that the various jobs I’ve had over the years have helped immensely with my work at Libro.  I learned to type properly after University (on a Pitman course – I can officially create a table on an electronic typewriter!) which means I type quickly and accurately.  Working for the UK branch of an American library supplier, especially in my later years as Marketing and Contracts Manager gave me vital experience in working in both British and American English, writing press releases and other marketing materials and newsletters, and writing tender documents for very large contracts.  Working for a local council gave me more experience minuting meetings and writing up records of public sector initiatives. My library work has brought me into contact with a wide range of colleagues and students and allowed me to develop the business carefully and prudently.

In my free time, I (still!) enjoy reading (I have a book review blog here and still indulge in a bit of BookCrossing from time to time), walking and birdwatching, and am a keen runner and have completed three official marathons, one virtual one (before they got trendy!) and an ultra marathon.


I’m based in Birmingham, UK, but offer an online service which means you can send in work via email from wherever you are in the world.

I work happily in US and UK English.

Information on my services.

Information on my pricing structure (I offer a special reduction for students and individuals).

And information about my background and references.

I have some links to recommended services. These include other office services, and clients’ web pages which might be interesting to you.

Contact me via email or via my contact form.
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