handshakeWelcome to Libroediting!  My name is Liz Dexter (formerly Liz Broomfield, which is the name you’ll find on the books I write) and you can find out more about me here. Based in Birmingham, UK, but working with clients all around the world, I offer a tailor-made package of proofreading, copyediting, typing, localisation and transcription services.

I’m also passionate about encouraging other people to run their own business and free themselves from employment into self-employment. To that end, I’ve written books on setting up in business, running a mature business and becoming a transcriber, and you can find out all about them on my Publications page.

Want to know what I do in a nutshell? Here’s a summary of everything that I do in one easy list.

Pick and choose what you need and I’ll provide a fair, honest, professional and personalised service.  Talk to me about how I can help you express yourself through your written materials, whether you need me to cast my editorial eye over your marketing brochures, proofread your thesis, copyedit your book, transcribe your interviews or dictations, or type up the notes you’re too busy to type yourself.

These are just some of the services I offer, and of course you might require a combination of different options!

How can I help you?

Please have a look through the website and see how I can help you.  My blog posts will show you what I do, how I can help you, and offer some pointers on writing as well as tips on running a small business that I’ve picked up over the years.   You’ll also find references from my satisfied customers, as well as some background about me and Libro, my terms and conditions, and, hopefully, anything else you need to know.

Resources for writing and business

To help you negotiate the worlds of business, writing, and the English language, I have created some special resources for you …

My promise to you: openness and honesty

I strive to be open and honest in all my dealings with my clients, and am happy to publish my standard pricing   and student pricing so you can get an idea of the rates I charge. These have all been worked out by examining industry standards, and any urgent pricing I offer reflects that fact that I will give your urgent projects top priority. I have never yet missed a deadline!

I’ll always give you a firm quotation or an estimate of the price and duration of the project in advance, and of course I’ll get in touch if it looks like it’s going to take longer or I have any questions. If you’re an academic I’ll be particularly careful about your authorship and avoiding plagiarism, and I take the same degree of care over everything, whether it’s a letter or a full-length book.

Any questions? Do you have a project to book in? Do get in touch!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like a quotation for a project.  All emails and messages via the website are handled by me personally, and I will reply to you myself.

Nobody’s perfect

As an editor, I do try to provide resources that are reasonably well and clearly written without errors and typos. However, sometimes the odd issue will creep in – nobody’s perfect – so do feel free to let me know if you spot something!

Other resources

You can read more about the books I’ve written here!

If you’re looking for my personal experience setting up my business, and also my book reviews, Iris Murdoch research project and anti-cholesterol diet book, please pop over to my sister website and blog, Libro Full Time.

Libro offers copyediting, copy writing, proofreading, transcription, localisation and typing services to other small businesses, individuals and corporations. Click on the links to find out more!

Contact me via email or via my contact form.

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