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Additional references from my academic customers

“Liz was great, she proofread my masters thesis with care and occasionally humour. She was extremely quick, thorough and easy to work with and I would highly recommend her for anyone who needs an extra set of vigilant eyes on their project.” — Megan, Master’s student in the US

“I would like to thank you very much for everything. Your help has been more than valuable to me.” — successful PhD candidate Ioannis

“Thank you very much for your excellent work.” — Master’s student, Eun Chul

“Thanks Liz for proofreading my dissertation. Liz is so professional and helpful with English for the second language student. She points out many mistakes I had never realised, which allows the thesis to be more fluent! I would recommend Liz to anyone who needs a proofreading service!” — Master’s student, Vicky

I was really happy with the service from Liz. I needed to hand in my essay quite soon and was quite stressed out! Luckily I was told about Libro proofreading, and was able to unburden myself of this job. I got a very speedy and professional service, just what I needed when my deadline was around the corner. I was very happy with the feedback and suggestions, and managed to do very well on the essay!! : )” — Amber, MSc student

“It had never crossed my mind to use a proof reader to correct my questionable essay writing skills before. Liz was highly recommended to me by a friend and I have been delighted with the great service. Wish I’d come across Libro sooner. Thanks Liz – great job.” Ali — Master’s student in Physiotherapy

“Thank you for getting it done so promptly… Authorship was my main concern and from your work I can really see where I go wrong.” — Undergraduate student, Zoe

“Your method works fine and provided me with a clear output; really appreciate that.” — Master’s student, Riccardo

“I deeply appreciate Liz, for her efforts that assisted me to make my dissertation more attractive and fluent. She does proofreading efficiently and effectively, especially [she works with] international students and gives us a fair price with a high quality service. I really learnt a lot of writing skills from her revisions and found some new ideas to help my writing make progress.” — Master’s student, Eric

Professional, precise and perfect. I can hardly believe Libro’s incredible attention to detail and even spacing errors will be found. I spent 4 hrs correcting my errors which Liz found and Liz only spent 3 hrs finding those errors.” — Master’s student, Tony

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