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Proofreading, copyediting and copy writing

I charge for proofreading and copyediting from £8.00 per 1,000 words. This covers web text, marketing materials, blogs, letters, books (non-fiction and fiction) for publishers and journal articles / papers written by English native speakers. Prices for non-English native speakers and for working on translations into English vary – do contact me for a quotation.  If you’re a self-publishing author I offer a discount. Please contact me for a quotation. I offer a special student discount so it’s worth getting in touch, as I might be cheaper than you think!

I will always ask to see a sample of your work before quoting, This means that I can base my quotation on the amount of work that I judge will be needed on your text.

For urgent work, I do reserve the right to  charge extra for an urgent turnaround –  do get in touch for a quotation and I will endeavour to match your requirements.

Copy writing

I charge £30 per hour for writing – I record and charge for the time taken for research, writing and any re-writes required.  I can typically produce 750-1000 words per hour (including research and writing) whether it’s web text or an article.

Time taken is rounded up to the nearest half hour and there is a minimum charge of one hour.

I will always give you an estimate before undertaking a piece of work. The length of time it takes for writing depends on how much research I need to undertake before starting to write.  If, when I receive the piece of work, it proves more complex and time-consuming than expected, I will let you know as soon as possible and provide a revised quotation.

For up to date student pricing, please see my student pricing page.

Transcription pricing

I  provide a transcription service, turning audio files into text. The price starts from £1.00 per audio minute for a single, clear speaker. Add 10 p per minute for each additional speaker. Add 10 p per minute for urgent turnaround (usually 24 hour turnaround but depends on the length of the tape). If the material is particularly difficult, I reserve the right to charge extra but I will let you know before continuing the work. Special journalist, writer and student rates apply, so do get in touch if you’d like a price and turnaround quotation.

Localising and post-translation work

Localising a text into British English and working on a post-translation text to ensure it conforms to UK standards are specialised tasks and I charge from £12 per 1000 words for these services.

Payment terms

If I work for you regularly, I’m happy to talk about payment terms, for example issuing one invoice at the end of each month,  or charging a regular fee for a particular amount of my time every month

Methods of payment

I accept payment by paypal, sterling cheque, bank cash or cheque deposit or bank transfer. I will give you the paypal details, cheque payable information or bank details along with my invoice. If you choose to pay by paypal, I will need to charge you a small extra fee, to share the fees incurred by this payment method.  I have all the information necessary to set up bank transfers from outside the UK.

Contact me via email or via my contact form.
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