See below for references from clients who have used my proofreading, copyediting, copy writing, typing, localisation and transcription services. All of these quotations have been emailed to me or posted on the Libro facebook page or LinkedIn.

** New references **

“Liz’s transcription was brilliant – accurate, well-presented and delivered swiftly.” — Jan Masters, Editor, Harrods Magazine & Harrods Travel (transcription)

“Many thanks for your work on this project. I thoroughly appreciate your efficiency, and your ability to follow the instructions as required for this project. It is a large project with a tight deadline, but your performance has contributed to me being able to deliver the first two batches to our client in good time.” — Hayley Warden, Project Executive, Language Connect (corporate transcription)

“Liz did a transcription for me which was of high quality. Liz is communicative and very easy to work with. I will definitely work with her again in the future.” – EasyTranslate” (corporate transcription)

Corporate work – books & documentation

“I can’t express how grateful I am for the work that you have done. This has totally transformed the content, and now it sounds really professional. I also appreciate the advice.” — Lee Hepworth, Unified Perspective [editing web text / promotional materials]

“I’m one of Libro’s U.S. clients, and not only does Liz do a fabulous job for our ad agency clients, but the 5-6 hour time difference really works well for us. I can send Liz a job at close of business ‘over here’ and have it waiting for me when I arrive at work the next morning. We’re lucky to have found her.” — Michael Trudel, Frontier3 (regular customer)

“I really appreciate Liz for the quality of the proofreading, and also for her motivation to find the word or expression that is most suitable to the context. I also appreciate the effort to rewrite sentences in more natural English. Proactive and fast, Liz is oriented towards long lasting client relationships.” — Ecaterina Panu from Ecap Consulting

“Many thanks for doing such a professional and speedy job. I’ll be in touch should we have any more proof reading requests… By all means quote me as a satisfied customer.” — Carolyn Page at Colporteur (repeat customer)

“We have worked with Liz on a few occasions now and find her ability to not only correct grammatical errors excellent, but the way she is able to read in the technical context as well. Liz really helped us out, and I mean really helped us out! With very little notice she spent 7 hours at last minute checking through a set of documents, even getting up at 5am to start. She is an asset and a credit to her profession … in 4 words … Liz is a diamond!” — Michael Lee, Executive Compass

“Regrettably, my written work could be better and this is where Liz’s services are extremely useful. Her proof reading is excellent. She reviewed and corrected a tender for me in less than an hour. Her service is expert, efficient and flexible. She exceeded my expectations. I will definitely use her services again and have no hesitation in recommending her.” — Kim Walker from The Advance Consultancy

Editing non-native English

See also: academic editing

“Liz worked for FRONTALIZA (, a consultancy company specialised in European projects in the environmental or agricultural field, proofreading a report about biodiversity conservation case studies written by non-native speakers working together on an European project (14 partners from Italy, France, Spain, Estonia, Slovak Republic…). The deadline was short and the document was long. Liz did a very good job in a short time (even before the deadline!) and enabled us to be on time. I would certainly consider working again with her on other projects.” — Eirios Hugo, director of Frontaliza

Transcription services

“Thank you Liz. You’ve done an incredible job in such a short time. I’m very lucky to have found you.” – Pete Paphides, Music journalist, The Guardian, Q and Mojo

“Discovering Liz Broomfield’s transcription service was a revelation – efficient, accurate, great value. Her professionalism and diligence can be relied upon to make the job that bit less stressful when deadlines loom, something for which a journalist is always profoundly grateful” — Rafael Behr, Political Editor, New Statesman

“It’s not just that Liz Broomfield transcribes fast and accurately. She’s also helpful, professional, hugely accommodating and incredibly good value for money. Hers is the best transcription service I’ve ever used.” — Alexis Petridis (Head rock and pop critic, The Guardian, music editor, GQ magazine)

Work done quickly and well – and a very friendly transcriber!”; “You’re a star, Liz, as ever. Thank you!” “‘Ello all. Any folk out there need occasional transcriptions done? Use my gal, @LyzzyBeeshe’s very quick, and lovely: / (She’s just done Peter Gabriel for me at lightning speed, and saved me from brain/typing death after an insane week, so want to thank her!)” — Jude Rogers, journalist (regular customer for transcription of interviews)

“Thanks so much Liz – really appreciate your excellent work.” — Rob Fitzpatrick, journalist and regular transcription client

“For excellent quality, fast transcription, I recommend @LyzzyBee_Libro :)” — Joanna Penn from (regular transcription client)

“Dear transcriber: An excellent job all around. You were very apt in pointing out potential trouble spots for the editor and made great efforts in trying to decipher several difficult delegates. Your attention to detail is very much appreciated. Also, you did an excellent job of following the flow of what the delegates were discussing. Sometimes transcribers seem like they are just plowing through without paying to the thread of the discussion. Absolutely not so in this case. You made a very difficult file more than manageable. I thank you again and hope to edit other texts you transcribe in the future.” — Editor on regular transcription project [NDA applies]

“Easy to work with and efficient – what more can you ask for? The transcript we requested from Liz was ready earlier than expected and perfectly executed.” — Stuart Alford, Scansource (transcribed panel discussion)

“I asked Liz to transcribe some interviews for me, and I am so pleased that I did. When I first sent the files through I felt guilty for not doing this part of the work myself, but now that the project is completed I realise that it was a very good decision because it allowed me to spend all of those hours that I would have spent transcribing actually thinking about the content of the interviews instead. I was therefore able to spend much more time developing ideas, analysing and discussing the content, drawing conclusions and thinking about the implications for the future. I don’t have good transcribing skills (and don’t need to develop them for future use), and I was short of time, so outsourcing the transcription was definitely the right choice for me.” — Paula, University lecturer.


“All of the Project Managers at Argo Translation adore working with Liz. In addition to her top notch localization, proofreading, editing, and writing skills, she is extremely reliable. She is always available when we need her and never misses a deadline. She has done dozens of projects for us in the two years that we have been working for her. She has even recommended colleagues for other languages that turned out to be awesome as well.” — Michelle Christensen, Project Manager, Argo Translation, Inc. (Chicago)

Note: Most of my localisation work is done under Non-Disclosure Agreements.

Novels and non-fiction for individuals

“This is the first time I have used Liz, and she did a great job editing my first non-fiction book. Her approach was professional and prompt, and I can certainly recommend her services.” – Matt Nicholson of Matt Publishing

“I just wanted to say how VERY GOOD you are at this job. I feel I’m in the hands of a professional and I trust you completely. It makes me feel very safe!! Thank you!!!” — published novelist Christine Coleman

“Just a note to say how pleased I am with your thought-provoking Libro proofreading and editing service. You have been thorough, found errors, and offered advice on English, at a very reasonable cost. I appreciate all the help you have given me. Thank you for your dedication and skills.” — published novelist Janet Pigott

“I’ve just finished reading the clean copy that you did and it’s brilliant. You’ve done exactly what I wanted : ) This is the first time I’ve had my work copyedited and I didn’t know what to expect but I’m very pleased with the results.” — Laura, novelist

“It has been a pleasure to work with Liz Broomfield. She is very thorough and very professional. She is very prompt with her timing and very helpful and she keeps to her deadlines and answers emails promptly.  This project has been my first book so I needed to work with somebody that has integrity and whom I could trust with my work, which is precious to me. I believe I have found that person and I look forward to working with her again and again in the future.” — Keith Smith, 7EYA Youth & Community projects (book project)

Academic – Dissertations & theses; articles and post-Doctoral work

“I found Liz to be extremely professional, courteous and capable. Due to health issues, I depend upon voice dictation software in order to type, which often means my documents have problems with issues such as homonyms, incorrect punctuation and other problems specific to voice dictated, computer-generated sentences. I was extremely impressed with Liz’s professionalism and competence and highly recommend her services. I also appreciated the prompt and courteous communication, as well as her flexibility in fitting my work into a tight schedule.” — A. Cheung, PhD student.

“… thank you very much for the proofreading of my chapters. Your feedback was very quick and the price was very reasonable.  To international students, proofreading is very important. If we know that we have someone who can take care of our grammatical mistakes at the last stage, we can focus on the contents of our papers.  This is a huge help.  Thank you very much again.” — Makoto, PhD student from Japan

“Thank you Liz! Fantastic service! Supersonic delivery, very reasonable charges indeed and very nice contact! If I write another PhD (NEVER!) you get that as well.” — successful PhD candidate Johannes

What a splendid performance! I give you kudos for your meticulous professionalism!” — successful PhD candidate Balogun

“Thank you very much for correcting the article, very professional. I am working on few more articles. I hope they will be as good, as the one you just did was great.” — Ata, orthopaedic surgeon (medical journal articles)

… more academic references

Web pages & blogs – proofreading, copy writing and SEO

“I’m very happy with the service received, Liz has saved me time & delivered a great piece of writing for us. Thank you.” and on Facebook: “I’d just like to go on record and say that I’d recommend Libro to anyone seeking great service. Liz is a star, thanks so much.” — James Burton, Upright UK (I wrote a downloadable article on buying display solutions from his notes)

“Having worked with copywriters in the past, I’ve never found one that has all the qualities we need. A client recommended Liz at Libro and spoke very highly of her, and having completed our first project, I’m confident of us working together for a very long time as Liz goes way beyond just fitting the bill. She’s efficient, great at what she does, and she gives us a product to complement our own work and that I’m proud of adding to my own service. I can now see why she came so highly recommended – great work.” — Nathan Littleton from Future Visions

“I needed a proofreader and copywriter who could take some client-written content and make it sparkle. As this was content for a set of web pages, I asked Liz to also work in the supplied list of key words and phrases to improve the search engine optimisation (SEO) for the site. Liz not only provided this service, but additionally offered some complete rewrites that aimed to capture the reader’s interest even more than the original. Liz returned the amendments well before the deadline, was polite and personable throughout, and as she is my number 1 for proofreading and copywriting, I would definitely use her services again.” — Gary Jones from Gamajo Tech web services

“Liz edited my company’s website very quickly and with very clear instructions on how to make it more readable and easier for people to find via search engines. I would never have though of using a professional service like hers had she not offered but having seen the results I am more than happy.” — Heather from Notts Botts cloth nappies

Liz is a godsend for anyone who – like me – simply can’t see the wood for the trees when it comes to proofreading. It’s especially difficult to proof your own work, and I’ve been startled at the number of mistakes and errors that I’d made and simply hadn’t seen until Liz pointed them out and corrected them. Save yourself the embarrassment of stupid typos and blunders, and have her cast an eye over your communications to make sure you’re giving a professional, accurate impression!” — Annabelle Beckwith from Yara Consulting

“Thanks so much for your input on the website. I am really very impressed.” — Moe from KuskusFoods

Copy writing portfolio

Here are some examples of my copy writing, in various styles:

– my professional blog for Libro and guest blog posts:

On Written Communication – for the Yara blog

On Going Freelance as an Editor – for Subs’ Standards

Networking for Newbies – for SkillsHive

Top Tips for Part-Time and Full-Time Self-Employment – for TheCreativePenn

Being Professional as a Writer – for Life on Magrs

COMING SOON An Editor’s Advice: Ten Top Tips for Fiction Writers for Tammy Salyer

press release for Myads’ere

– my own book blog

Tony Altham’s website (a professional speaker; worked with Nathan Littleton from Future Visions who did all the design and coding – words written by me)

More examples of my copy writing are available on request (I only post links here with the express permission of the client and web designer)

Minuting and other administration

“Liz’s voluntary work for LUCIA was reliable and committed, offering the charity good sound advice in all matters regarding the general running of our monthly Board Meetings and producing excellent minutes which have always been on time.” — Sylvia Gardiner, LUCIA Charity


“I worked with Liz for almost nine years. Liz has an incredibly thorough attention to detail that made a vital contribution to the sales team when submitting tenders and drafting contracts. Without hesitation I would recommend working with Liz, her skills are ideally suited to her new venture.” — former colleague Richard

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