Student pricing 2021-22

This is a summary of my prices for dissertation and thesis proofreading.  Please see my Terms and Conditions for information on how I work and specific information about how I work with students.  You must agree to my price quotation and my methods of working before I’ll undertake your project – this is to protect both of us.

Student price: from £6.50 per 1,000 words (standard)

from £9.50 per 1,000 words (urgent)

Urgent means: up to 12,000 words – 24 hour turnaround. 12-25,000 words – 4-day turnaround. Over 25,000 words – 1 week turnaround. Full PhD thesis – under 2 weeks turnaround.

I reserve the right to adjust prices when I have seen a sample section of your work. I am happy to do a sample edit for you before making our final agreement.

You will be presented with a document marked up in Track Changes with grammar, spelling and sentence structure checked, and with spellings made consistent throughout the text. Your bibliography will be checked to ensure it conforms to whichever referencing rules you are following.

Payment is due upon completion of the work.  I reserve the right to request a portion of the charge in advance, with the remainder payable upon completion.

If we have already agreed a price or estimated price in advance, that price will stand throughout 2021.


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