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Want to navigate your way around the useful articles you can find on the libroediting blog?

Resources for businesses – freelancers and small businesses mainly.

Resources for students  – who might also want to see …

Resources for Word users

Resources on blogging and social media

++ Resources for businesses

Setting up your business

Setting up as a freelancer (1) – are you suited to it and before you start

Setting up as a freelancer (2) – organising yourself and outsourcing, etc.

10 things you can do to prepare for going freelance – tasks for those last weeks of employment

How to get a good start in self-employment

Not taking risks – you don’t have to jump in to business with no safety net!

Proofreading as a career – a subject I am often asked about!

How do I get freelance work? – a general guide for all freelancers

Growing your business

Developing your business – what next – a summary with links to the rest of the posts

Going full time – case study

Outsourcing tasks case studies

Becoming a Limited Company

Employing staff and a case study

Expanding into offices, regional offices and case studies

Organising yourself

On time management – ignore the Santa bits, unless it’s Christmas!

Are you guilty of presenteeism? related to time management and PR

Top tips for working from home (guest post)

Keeping organised – the famous Gantt Chart

Outsourcing (1) – what tasks can you outsource?

Outsourcing (2) – how to work out if it’s worth doing

Top ten tips for working with freelancers – if you outsource to freelancers, read this!

Top ten tips for freelancers – work the best you can with your clients

How to decide who to work with – find good clients and don’t get ripped off

How to turn a new customer into a regular customer – tips I have used that work!

What’s the best mix of customers to have? – getting that balance

How to get jobs via Twitter

How to make more money in your freelance business

How do customers get in touch?

When should I say no?

How do I cope with the ups and downs of the freelance life 1: when the work goes away

How do I cope with the ups and downs of the freelance life 2: when there’s too much work

How to cope with six common freelancer crisis situations

Transcription as a career

How do you start a career in transcription? – are you suited for it?

What are the types of transcription?

What is verbatim transcription?

The professional transcriber – the technology you need

10 top tips for transcribers – what every new transcriber needs to know

Why do you need human transcribers, anyway? – I explain why!

Keyboards, ergonomics and RSI – the risks and keeping safe

Transcribing multiple voices – hints to make it easier

Why do transcribers charge by the audio minute? – explains it all

How can I transcribe more quickly? – general tips to help

Glossaries for transcription

Editing as a career

Should I edit outside my areas of experience?

Making the switch to fiction editing (guest post)

Using a style sheet for editors and their clients

Copy-typing as a career option

What is copy-typing and how do you charge for it?

How do I do copy-typing work?

General business theories and practices

Using the Olympics to market your services – be careful!!

Is it worth the stress? – and how to escape the stress!

Emotions in business – why it’s OK to have them and the need to acknowledge them

On feedback – how to get it and what to do with it when you have got it

On mutual support – helping others and being helped – do it today!

On goal-setting – both in life and in business

On luck – and why you have to create it yourself

On motivation – long and short term – theories and the reality

Networking – it’s not scary, really! Lots of tips and hints here

Networking and social media marketing – leveraging groups of contacts

Why running a business is like running a marathon – yes, really!

Why you should keep an eye on your stats – they can be fascinating!

Posts about tax

Am I automatically registered to submit my tax return online? (hint: no)

Why I do my tax return in April – the benefits of filing early

Payment in Advance – watch out if your tax comes to more than £1000

Am I automatically registered to submit my self-assessment online (hint: not always)

The freelancer / small biz chat posts

What it’s all about – explaining my weekly feature and how you can get involved

All the interviews – every interview I’ve done so far

Index to the interviewees – by name, business name and type of business

++ Resources for students and individuals

Writing essays and dissertations

Essay tips for new students – handy for undergraduates

Top tips for dissertations and theses – from people who’ve been there

Top tips for writing up your PhD

Appropriate language in academic writing

On creative and academic writing (a guest post)

Plagiarism and quoting sources

Plagiarism – what it is and how a proofreader should work with student material (and my terms and conditions)

Referencing – how to keep track and how to refer to your reference materials

How to quote sources without plagiarising – rewording and quoting appropriately

How do I include quotations? Should I change their spelling?

Working with a proofreader or editor

Working with an editor 1: requesting a quotation

Working with an editor 2: negotiating and booking in

What should I ask my beta readers?

How to choose a proofreader – and hopefully avoid some common and costly mistakes

++ Resources for Word (and other Microsoft Office software) users

My explanation of why you need these posts

Laying out your document: all about margins, tabs, breaks and indents

Page breaks – how to do them properly and more efficiently for you!

Section breaks – vital if you want to have varied formatting throughout your document

Indents and margins – right and left margins and how to set indents

Top and bottom margins – how to change them

How to display your rulers – displaying the rulers in the margins

Using tabs effectively – the best way to line things up! First, the tab key

Setting tabs using the top ruler – how to set tab stops

Paragraph spacing – and what to do when it won’t behave

Changing from spaced to indented paragraphs – and vice versa

How to create a new line, paragraph and page – and indents

Headers, footers and page numbers

How to add page numbers to your document 1 – the basics

How to add page numbers to your document 2 – advanced editing etc.

How to make your page numbers read “page 1 of 2” – by popular request!

Footnotes – how to add them and how to access the options

Endnotes – how to add them and how to access the options

Changing footnotes to endnotes

How do I change the format of my endnotes and footnotes?

Headings and tables of contents

How to use headings styles – make your headings clear and consistent

How to set up numbered headings – ones that automatically update themselves!

How to create a Table of Contents – read the posts on Headings first

Table of Figures and Table of Tables – how to create these tricky ones

How do I add or remove auto-captions?

Two-line caption, one-line entry in the Table of Figures: how?

How to update Tables of Contents, Figures and Tables

Tables of Contents for editors – helping the editing process run smoothly

Track changes and comment boxes

Track changes 1 – why use it, where can you find it, what can you do with it?

Track changes 2 – customising Track Changes

Track changes 3 – working with a document with tracked changes

How do I accept one reviewer’s changes?

Formatting comments balloons – everything you have ever wanted to know!

What to do if your comment boxes go tiny in Word – A common problem, hard to find the answer!

What to do if your comment box text runs right to left – Useful if you edit texts from Arabic authors

Changing the language in your comment balloons – From US to UK English and beyond …

How do I add comment balloon numbering in Word 2013 and 2016?

How do I make my picture appear next to my comments in Word 2013 and 2016?

How do I highlight the text related to my comment balloon in Word 2013 and 2016?

Why are my tracked changes changing colour?

Search, replace and spellcheck

How to search for almost any text … anywhere – including Microsoft office and browsers

How to use Spellcheck in Word 2007 and 2010and 2013 (a separate post)

How to tell Word what not to spell-check – exclude and include paragraphs easily

Find and Replace – the basics

Advanced Find – finding specific words and all the forms of a word – plus Wildcards

Finding formatting – how to find and replace formatting

How to change the language of your Word document – important for spell checking!

How to change your editing language – subtly different but solves a big problem

Checking your grammar and writing style

Checking for gender-specific language

How do I count the number of times a word appears in my document?

Autocorrect and autoformatting

What is AutoCorrect and where do you find it / How to personalise AutoCorrect

Automatic formatting as you type (and how to get rid of it)

Tables in Word

Tables 1 – menus and options – all the different ways to create a table

How to maintain table headings over several pages – get them at the top of each page!

Protecting your Word document

Setting up a Watermark in Word – for marketing and protection purposes

Protecting your Word 2007 document – all the tools in Word

Protecting your Word 2010 document – all the tools in Word 2010 (yes, slightly different!)

Appearance and formatting

How to put text in alphabetical order – very useful for bibliographies

How to change text between UPPER CASE and lower case – did you know you could?

Bullet points – how and when to use them – see below for more!

Bullet points – their grammar and punctuation – how to keep it consistent and readable

The Line Space button – formatting spaces between lines and paragraphs

How to highlight text in a Word document – three good ways, one bad

Changing the colour of text in Word – why and how

Format painter – so useful for copying the format of a piece of text

Portrait and landscape – which way round is your document?

How to combine several Word documents into one – the proper way, not the cut and paste way

Bits and bobs

Adding shortcuts to the Quick Access Toolbar – how to keep a shortcut button visible

How do I access the Customize Ribbon menu?

How do I assign a shortcut key?

How to count the words in a Word document – by popular request!

Full dialogue boxes for fonts and more – what ARE those little arrows in the corners?

Paragraph marks and other hidden marks – what are those funny symbols?

Using the split screen view in Word – helps make you more efficient!

How to insert non-standard characters into almost any text

How to put a dot above a number to indicate a repeating decimal

ASCII codes for common characters

Combining words and pictures in Word 1

Combining words and pictures in Word 2

Inserting clip art in Word and other Microsoft applications

How to hide the taskbars in Word and other Microsoft applications

Where has my Windows taskbar gone?

How do I show and hide the horizontal scrollbar in Word?

What do I do when Word just won’t work?


How to count the words in a PowerPoint 2007 presentation – useful for students and editors!

I’ve also covered PowerPoint 2010 and PowerPoint 2013


How to view two workbooks side by side in Excel 2007 and 2010

How to view two pages of a workbook at the same time

How to print the column and row numbers/ letters and gridlines

How to change a column into a row or a row into a column

How to flip a column

Freezing rows and columns in Excel – and freezing both at the same time

++ Blogging and Social Media

Social media in general

Reciprocity and Social Media – how to negotiate social media kindly and politely

How to maintain a good online reputation – my hints and tips

Social media infographic – how it all works!

How to leverage your social capital


10 reasons to start a blog – why you should do it now!

10 reasons NOT to write a blog – and why you should stop and think, at least!

Top 10 blogging sins – avoid these if you can!

Scheduling blog posts and keeping going – scheduling the posts and the writing of them

Guest posts (1) hosting – how to be the host(ess) with the most(est)

Guest posts (2) guesting – how to be the perfect guest

Ten top tips for pitching your guest post – how to maximise your chances of success

Dealing with requests for guest posts – ten top tips for automating that stream of requests

Why writing a blog post is (a bit) like writing a sermon – people enjoyed this sideways look

Five ways to drive and increase engagement with your blog

How to keep people engaged with your blog

How to deal with spam comments 1: what are they and why don’t you want them?

How to deal with spam comments 2: how to recognise them

How to deal with spam comments 3: how to prevent them happening

Websites and WordPress

Is it worth having a website for my business?

WordPress 1 – the basics – joining and setting up a blog

WordPress 2 – adding pages to create a website

WordPress 3 – adding images to your post or page

WordPress 4 – adding slideshows and galleries of images

WordPress 5 – linking your blog to your social media

WordPress 6 – sharing buttons

WordPress 7 – adding an avatar picture

WordPress 8 – setting a static landing page

WordPress 9 – setting up a Posts page

Adding links to blog posts – how to do it on the major blogging platforms (and email)

How do I enable Likes on comments?

How video can help your blog or website

Six things you can do to increase your SEO

How to get back to the old WordPress dashboard in


Facebook for business

How to delete posts and block users from your Facebook page

How to add a moderator or admin to your Facebook page

How do I stop videos auto-playing in Facebook and Twitter?

How do I stop seeing new comments on a Facebook post?

How do I hide a Facebook post?

How do I stop my friends seeing my posts in a Facebook group?

How do I remove a member from a Facebook group?

How do I delete a Facebook group?

How do I save a Facebook post?

How do I create a Facebook event?

How do I communicate with people coming to my Facebook event?

How do I change the time of my Facebook event?

How do I cancel a Facebook event?


How to find a job using Twitter

Using Twitter for your business

How do I stop videos auto-playing in Facebook and Twitter?


Using LinkedIn for your business

MailChimp Masterclass

MailChimp 1 – Signing up

MailChimp 2 – setting up a subscriber list and importing contacts

MailChimp 3 – setting up a sign-up form

MailChimp 4 – setting up your newsletter template

MailChimp 5 – linking to your sign-up form on your website and social media

How to avoid two common MailChimp errors

Other social media

Using Google+ for business

What is Storify and how do I use it?

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