How do I hide a Facebook post?

26 Aug

Today I’m going to share with you how to hide a single Facebook post, and control what you see and when.

Why would I want to hide a Facebook post?

I usually want to hide a Facebook post if the post itself upsets me in some way, or presents a spoiler on something, but I don’t want to unfriend or unfollow the person who posted it. A personal example is when people post pictures of cruelty to animals or people, something I really don’t want to see scrolling through. Or a picture of a spider.

Note: if you just want to stop getting notifications on a post in your email, but not hide it from your timeline, follow these instructions.

How do I hide Facebook posts in my timeline?

If you want to hide a post …

First, find and press the little down-arrow in the top right-hand corner of the post:

Facebook post hide arrow

This will give you a menu of things you can do:

Facebook turn off notifications

You can see here that you can Hide the post. Facebook will confirm when you’ve done this.

How do I hide my own Facebook post?

I’m not sure why you would want to do this, but if you want to hide one of your own posts, you get more options when you click that down-arrow:

Facebook hide your own post

How do I hide Facebook posts in a Group?

If you are a member of a Facebook Group but choose not to have it come up in your timeline (for example, if you’re in a photo-a-day group and would end up with 80 posts a day in your Facebook timeline), you CANNOT HIDE A POST.

How annoying is that! But you can at least turn off the notifications – see this post for instructions.

This post has shown you how to hide posts from your Facebook timeline, on your own posts but not in Groups. You can find more on social media in the Resource Guide or by using the Search box in the right-hand column.

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