How do I cancel a Facebook event?

15 Feb

This article on how to cancel a Facebook event follows on from How Do I Create A Facebook Event? and other posts on Facebook events you can find links to below.

Why would I want to cancel a Facebook event?

There are as many reasons why you need to cancel a Facebook event as there are reasons why you would cancel the event itself. If you want to remove an event from Facebook (and tell the attendees it is cancelled), this article explains how.

How do I cancel my Facebook event?

You will find the button for cancelling an event when you Edit the event. Click on the Edit button on the right-hand side of the screen:

edit a facebook event to cancel it

Right down at the bottom, you will see Cancel Event: click on the words:

cancel facebook event

This is the Confirm Cancellation screen. You will see a few options:

confirm cancellation of facebook event

You can choose between two options and an extra bonus option:

  • If you choose to Cancel Event, Facebook will tell the guests that it has been cancelled, but people can still post on the event. Click the radio button next to this option to select it.
  • If you chose Cancel Event, you can also add a post to the event with the reason for cancelling in your own words: just type in the free-text box.
  • If you choose to Delete Event, Facebook will tell the guests that it has been cancelled, and then the event and everything everyone has posted in the event will disappear

Once you have chosen your option, click the Confirm button to confirm the cancellation. Clicking Cancel will cancel the cancellation – the event won’t be cancelled. Confusing, I know. So confirm the cancellation unless you’ve changed your mind.

cancelled event

If you have cancelled – rather than deleted – the event, it will still appear in your Events feed, but it shows clearly that it’s cancelled. People can still post messages, which can be useful. You can’t edit it any further.

This article has explained how to cancel your Facebook event.

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