What can Libro do for you?

20 Oct
What can Libro do for you?

Here’s a handy list of everything that Libro can do for you, to make your life that bit easier and make your words work better …

Libro is all about making your words work, whether the words themselves need tweaking (editing what you’ve written, proofreading and polishing before publication), or writing (from your notes or a chat with you), or changing in terms of location (localisation from US to UK English or vice versa), or changing in terms of medium (turning handwritten notes or a taped interview into a typed document).

Follow the links for more information, but here’s a summary:

Editing  – making sure your words, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and even your plots and non-fiction books don’t contain gaping holes.  Checking marketing content (leaflets, websites … ), blog posts, letters, reports …

Proofreading – checking that what you’re about to publish in print or online looks right and works as the document you expect it to be – checking page numbering, headers and footers, website links, etc.

(and for the difference between editing and proofreading, see here)

Copy writing – writing text for your book, downloadable e-book or leaflet, brochure, website, letter, press release, advertorial, advertisement, etc. from your notes or a conversation with you.  I can add in SEO keywords to build your presence in the search engines with text that potential clients will want to read, too.  I work with web designers, too – writing content for the websites they design.

Localisation – adjusting your copy to match UK or US English standards – not just the spellings but sentence structures, word usage, etc.

Transcription – saving you hours of time typing up dictations, interviews, meetings; why not produce a transcript of your webinar or training session to offer to your clients as an added extra?

Copy typing – bundles of notes and no inclination to type them up? Scan them in, send them to me and I’ll produce a nice, tidy, grammatically correct and properly spelled document.

I also offer all of these services as an add-on for virtual assistants, meaning they can offer a wider service without having to have all the skills themselves.

Contact me via email or via my contact form.


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2 responses to “What can Libro do for you?

  1. Karen

    January 28, 2016 at 5:03 pm

    Hi Liz, Thank you for creating this informative website and blog. You give good information and advice on the reality of transcription work. I’m a medical transcriptionist with twelve years of experience as a medical secretary and eight purely as a transcriptionist. I currently work for only one company on a self-employed basis and, not wanting to put all my eggs in one basket, I am hoping to embark upon some general transcription work or anything else that I can do freelance. I am going to read your advice in great detail in the hope of achieving this. Best wishes, Karen.


    • Liz Dexter

      January 28, 2016 at 5:07 pm

      Hi Karen, that’s a good idea and I hope the information I provide will be useful for you. There are quite a few companies out there looking for medical transcribers in particular, so you will be able to find those, hopefully – I get a few enquiries for this kind of work myself (and turn them down). If you’d like to send me a message with some references, I can add you to my list of people I recommend such jobs on to, as I prefer to recommend on than just say no!



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