Guest blog spots available here!

05 Aug

August and September are traditionally Libro’s busiest months, and this year is no exception – as well as the usual dissertations from students, I’ve been expanding my client base in all sorts of ways.  Of course (of course!) I’m able to support and complete all the projects I’ve taken on, but it struck me that I could take my own advice about outsourcing and share the joy of running this blog …

So, for a limited number of weeks through August and September, I’m offering my Wednesday blog post slot to people who would like to express themselves and talk about anything that fits into the general subjects I blog about already.   I ran some guest posts earlier in the year, and this is an extension of that, but rather than being very sporadic, there will be a series of them, starting the week after next. Get your thinking caps on!

What’s in it for you?

One word: exposure. Let people see how you can write, what you’re passionate about. Share your ideas. And of course, there will be a link to your blog, website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, etc.  I will promote the posts through my usual channels – and I get quite a lot of hits on back issues of the blog from people searching for the topics they’re interested in. And by reading the other posts in the series, you might get some new ideas, too!

What’s in it for me?

I’m looking to fill a gap that I’m a little bit too busy to fill at the moment – but also to share new ideas and new writers with my readers. I’m also hoping, of course, that you’ll blog/tweet/update your Facebook status, etc., about your lovely new guest blog post, bringing more readers to this blog in turn.  I’ve found with my Freelancer Chat interviews that the interviewee and I can really drive a lot of click-throughs between our sites if we both talk about the post to our circles of influence.

What can you blog about?

I don’t want to limit you, so if you’ve got a good idea of a subject to write about, let me know anyway.  The subjects I tend to write about on here are …

  • writing, language and words
  • business matters – especially as they relate to small businesses, startups, freelancers and entrepreneurs
  • personal development – learning experiences
  • social media and marketing
  • what exactly I do in my day-to-day work

How to submit a guest blog post (and the small print)

You can submit your guest blog post via email or via my contact form.

I reserve the right to accept or reject your post.  I also reserve the right to do a little light editing on your post – nothing major, but if some spellings and grammar need a tidy-up, I will tidy them up.  I’m really careful about how I write my posts, so I need to make sure any guest posts I host are as tidy as they can be, too.

I’ll let you know when your post has arrived.  If I think it needs some editing (more words, fewer words, more on a particular subject) or I don’t think it’s suitable, I’ll let you know. And I’ll let you know when I publish it, and send you the URL, so you can talk about it online and show off your work.


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