Thank you to my fab clients

11 Aug

I just wanted to say a quick public thank you to my fab Libro clients.

Yesterday, I put aside my Libro work to go and join a team of volunteers who were cleaning up Birmingham after the rioting the night before. I was glad that I could move things around and get out there and help without having to ask a boss!

In the middle of the clean-up yesterday (and as soon as my Blackberry worked again!) I managed to pick up a few messages about new and ongoing jobs. I explained to each person, briefly, what I was doing, and that their work would get done, just not quite as quickly as they would  normally expect (no deadlines would be missed, of course).

Every one of them replied back with support and understanding. Libro is one person – me – and I do try to provide an ethical, honest and open service, including keeping people informed. Yesterday demonstrated that I have the right clients for this approach – I really appreciated their understanding.

Thank you.

By the way: Birmingham was quiet overnight; hoping it will stay this way now.

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Posted by on August 11, 2011 in Blogging, Jobs


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