Now We Are One

01 Aug

I actually did my first piece of work for Libro on 28 August 2009, but I registered the company with the Inland Revenue just before that and had a start date of 01 August. So, Happy Birthday Libro!

What have I learnt in this first year? I’m proud that I’ve done it – I’ve been paid to do what I’ve done for people for free in the past. I’ve been successful in my work and gathered lots of lovely references. I’m confident working in different versions of Word and with pdf annotating software, and I’ve worked on lots of different projects, from Masters dissertations through PhD theses, non-fiction books and articles, novels, marketing materials and websites.

I’m particularly proud that I’ve helped people whose English isn’t their first language to express themselves. I’ve been able to aid the creativity of others by ensuring the infrastructure of language and grammar was there to support their work. I’ve kept to my principles, turning down work that wasn’t right for me, and continuing to do a little bit of free work for charity.

OK, the housework and reading might have suffered a bit, but I don’t think my relationship and friendships have, and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve been doing, which I think is the main thing!

Thanks to all my clients who have sent work my way and given me lovely references. Here’s to the next year of Libro!

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