The Libro Newsletter!

25 Oct

I’ve decided to launch a Libro newsletter, and you can sign up here !

I won’t be sending it out too often, probably once a month, if that – but I’m hoping it will be a useful thing for my clients, prospective clients and friends. The first edition has gone out now, and I’m looking forward to finding out what you’d like to read about in it.

So far, my ideas for what to include are …

  • News of what’s going on in Libro-land – for example an announcement when I go full-time with the business
  • A summary of interesting posts on this blog
  • Information on my services – if you came to know about Libro early on, you might not know the full range of what I do
  • Case-studies (any clients brave enough?)
  • Answers to questions submitted by my readers – grammatical, business-related …

But it’s you (and other people) who are going to be reading it. So tell me what you’d like to see!

If you could bring yourself to share this post, either using the buttons below or by Retweeting or Facebook sharing my posts about this post, I’d be ever so grateful – I want to reach out to people who won’t automatically see about this on this blog, but who might find it useful.  You know how I like to be useful! Thank you!

You can sign up in advance here. I’m using MailChimp, which doesn’t like spamming and seems easy to use and reputable. People enjoyed the first issue in November, and the next one will have exciting news and some exclusive content …


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