Kreativ Blogger awards

06 Jan

I have been nominated for a Kreativ Blogger award by Vikki, an old friend with growing interest in creativity who has her own blog now, too.  Thank you, Vikki!

The Kreativ Blogger award rules are:

1. Share 10 things about yourself that readers may find interesting
2. Pass the award on to 6 other Bloggers. Be sure to leave a comment on their blogs to let them know.

So here goes …

10 things about me

1. I play the Clarinet to grade 6 standard. Well, played, really. The clarinet is a loud instrument.

2. I studied Old Icelandic at University (along with English Language and Literature – don’t want my clients to get too worried there).

3. I’m still friends with 3 women I met on my first day at University.

4. I have run 4 half-marathons.

5. My hair was blue for a while.

6. I have been a (legal) busker.

7. My favourite author is Iris Murdoch (hm, did anyone not know that one?)

8. I am a (slightly lapsed) BookCrosser.

9. I used to live in Peckham.

10. I’ve given up my job to run Libro full-time. Until the end of December 2011 I’d had some form of paid employment since 1988!

And six bloggers to nominate …

Paul Magrs, wonderful author and great writer about books and reading.

Ali, book reviewer and friend

Maxine Johnston of Life’s A Celebration – a new businesswoman and blogger and doing very well!

Carrie at Eraser Carver – wonderful printmaking and she explains how she does it, too!

Laura, Woman With An Opinion – doing her own creative writing and encouraging other people too

Verity, a librarian reading all of Virago’s books – how can I not?

There are so many more I can mention, but I expect they’re going to be mentioned by other people too, so I’m sticking with this creative but maybe not so well known bunch!


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3 responses to “Kreativ Blogger awards

  1. eraser carver

    January 9, 2012 at 1:25 pm

    Thanks for the award, Liz, good to read some more about you 🙂 I’ll work on my post. Will have a look around the other links too. Cheers!


  2. Liz at Libro

    January 12, 2012 at 5:22 pm

    Glad you enjoyed reading it and liked getting the award! I look forward to reading yours, too!



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