Test match … special?

02 Aug

So, according to fellow Birmingham tweeter, Cybrum, the lovely Phil Tufnell muddled up the words “minx”, “minks” and “Manx” while commentating on the Test Match yesterday.  I love cricket and I like to respond to reader requests, so here’s a quick guide to the three.  I bet I’ll never see a search for this combination on my analytics!

Manx is defined as relating to the Isle of Man, its people or its language.

A minx is a cunning, impudent or bold and flirtatious young woman.

Minks are stoatlike carnivores.

So if a cheeky young lady from the Isle of Man had some stoat like carnivores as pets …

“The Manx minx kept minks”

For more (and possibly more useful) troublesome pairs and triplets, click here!


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