Me or I?

28 Nov

When do we use me and when do we use I, in a sentence where we’re talking about ourselves and another person? “Ali and me went for a walk”, or “Ali and I went for a walk”? “Gill gave presents to Matthew and I” or “… Matthew and me”?

I have to admit here that this is one I get wrong, I’m not sure whether I somehow learned it wrong, it’s sheer sloppiness, or that I get all psychologically discombobulated when I’m coming up to it (Don’t drop that! Don’t think of an elephant! have the same effect on people).

Anyway, there is a trick, as there so often is, and the trick is: Take the other name out of the sentence, and which of the words would you use?

“I went to the pub”, “He handed a glass to me”, “George said I was lucky to get a glass”.

Put the other person back in, and you get the correct versions.

“George and I went to the pub”, “He handed glasses to George and me” / “He handed me and George glasses”, “George said he and I were lucky to get glasses”.

So, do get it right in future. I’m looking at you, Liz

You can find more troublesome pairs here and the index to them all so far is here.



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