Libro update for May

15 Jun

I’m a bit late publishing this May update, but feedback says that people like these, so here goes!

May was a good month, with a nice mix of regular customers and new ones.  I’ve been doing lots of new blog posts, too, starting off my “troublesome pairs” series where I help differentiate between words that people often confuse, and doing a series of posts explaining exactly what the different parts of my job entail, which I’m giving the category “what do I do?“.

As regards paid work, I’ve got up to all sorts of things …

Copy-edited blog posts for an artist, a physiotherapist and a training specialist.

Written up short pieces and longer articles for a website featuring local businesses.

Proofread one ongoing academic client’s essays, gone over a successful PhD candidate’s changes, and worked on some shorter essays for undergraduates and dissertations for postgraduates.

Copy-edited a biography for a local small press.

Proofread a business document for a regular client.

Completed various projects for my regular physiotherapist, translator and magazine designer clients.

I’ve booked in a few students for their dissertations – that work will start to hot up in the next month or so.

I’ve also helped out at another Social Media Surgery, which is always fun and worthwhile, and been on a course to learn how to publish on Kindle and sell the resulting book via Amazon.

Coming up – things are getting lovely and busy in June – I’ve got some new customers, including another translator, more transcriptions coming in; I’ve started putting together a series of interviews with other freelancers, which I’ll be publishing weekly from next Saturday, and I’ve already had a couple of very busy days and hit all my targets!

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